Clean Foundation

A program delivery non-profit, Clean’s drive is to make real progress toward a cleaner future by taking on climate change challenges.

Clean provides the knowledge, tools and inspiration needed to encourage individual actions that add up to positive environmental change. We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works for a clean climate and clean water – and to help reach these green goals, we foster and support clean leaders.

Created in 1988, Clean is an independent, non-profit, politically neutral organization with decades of first-hand experience. We are able to see environmental opportunities even in the face of daunting challenges, and partner with individuals, governments, organizations, communities and businesses to bring about positive change.

Clean is involved directly in environmental solutions – we may be Clean, but we don’t mind getting our hands dirty – yet we also know that knowledge exchange, learning and broad discussions on public policy are needed to promote the environmental change required to build a healthy society.

And Clean understands that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. Youth education and outreach is a core part of our work. We help youth explore crucial environmental issues, and encourage them to take action to build a better future through their day-to-day choices.