Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre

The Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre, slated to open in 2026, will provide a vibrant, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable place for the community to gather, learn and grow.

The Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre will be located on a 6-acre parcel of land at the corner of Reserve and Union Streets in downtown Glace Bay.

The Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre will:

  • Provide daily free programs for children, youth, teens, families, and seniors
  • Provide for arts, entrepreneurship, recreation, and technology
  • Connect youth with adults, mentors, volunteer, employment, and other opportunities
  • Bring together multiple Glace Bay community-serving organizations in one space
  • Provide life skills classes, parental supports, and function as a community family hub
  • Be a driving force in the revitalization of the Glace Bay community
  • Bring the first family-centered space to the CBRM, offering families a year-round space to gather on evenings and weekends

The facility will include:

  • a creative lab and makerspace for children, youth, families, and entrepreneurs
  • a nursery and indoor playground
  • a community kitchen for programming and entrepreneur use
  • indoor and outdoor recreation and multi-use spaces with programming for youth, families, and seniors throughout the day
  • a community café

Contact Information

For general questions and inquiries please contact:

Alyce Maclean
Director of Properties & Development
[email protected]
902-539-9560 ext.257

The Project Team

New Dawn Enterprises

New Dawn Enterprises will own and operate the Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre. New Dawn Enterprises operates across eight sectors, including food security, healthcare, immigration, and the arts. Their properties division operates supportive housing, commercial rentals, and has a 25-unit supportive housing building currently under construction. In 2020, New Dawn opened its $17 million renovation of the former Holy Angels Convent: the Eltuek Arts Centre, a building filled with artists and arts-related organizations.


Sydney, NS


Undercurrent Youth Centre

Undercurrent will be an operational partner and anchor tenant of the Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre. Undercurrent has an exclusive focus on youth and families and the ending of intergenerational cycles of poverty and addiction in communities with disproportionately high rates of both. They have been leading youth initiatives for over a decade in Cape Breton, having founded several Youth Centres. Currently, Undercurrent operates more than twenty weekly programs for children and youth.


Glace Bay, NS


Teeple Architects

Teeple is the Architect of Record for the Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre. Teeple is recognized for executing technically advanced projects of exceptional quality that are conceptually and practically rooted in the specific needs and aspirations of each client. Founded in 1989, Teeple’s expertise encompasses residential, commercial, institutional, cultural and civic projects including community buildings such as recreational centers, museums and libraries.


Toronto, ON


Public City

Public City is providing landscape architecture consultation and expertise to the site of the Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre. Since incorporating in 2010, Public City has garnered widespread acclaim for achievements in both architecture and landscape architecture, as well as for its collaborative design projects. The firm has been honored with the Governor General Medal, CSLA Awards, and an International Olympic Committee Award. Their mission is to create a more resilient, sustainable human environment that is capable of thriving in a challenging and changing climate.


Winnipeg, MB


Dora Construction

Dora is the Construction Manager of the Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre. With 20 years in the market, DORA Construction has delivered exceptional projects ranging from large commercial projects to meticulous restorations across Atlantic Canada. Community building is their passion.
During the planning, design, and building phases, Dora’s priority is to address the community’s concerns, expectations, and perspectives. Dora’s core values and guiding principles include life-long learning, integrity, collaboration, safety, and inclusion.


Halifax & Membertou, NS



The Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre is supported in part by the New Dawn Community Development Educational Foundation, a registered charity whose mandate is to provide education, learning, conversation and research opportunities around community economic and social development.

You can make a one-time or monthly charitable donation to the Glace Bay Youth & Family Centre fund to support this significant investment in the future of the community.

Donations can be made individually or on behalf of a business/organization, can be made in memory or honour of someone, or can be made anonymously.

You will receive a charitable tax receipt and thank you.


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